Welcome to the Shine on Greenwood Holiday Lighting Event

Shine on Greenwood is the Holiday Lighting Ceremony for Historic Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa Oklahoma. We feature a spectacular mix of live Holiday music inclusive of such genres as R&B, Gospel, praise and worship, jazz and others. The evening is led by Tulsa Native music legend Tony Mason and includes some of Tulsa's finest musicians, singers, and spoken word artists. The event features a traditional count-down to Holiday lights lighting the street on Greenwood Avenue along with recognizing a non-profit and their contribution to the Tulsa community. There will be a toy give-away and gifts for those in need of a little Holiday support. Our hope is to spread some good old Holiday joy and goodness during this Holiday season. Invite your friends and bring your family to Historic Greenwood Avenue and join us for the Shine on Greenwood Holiday Event 2024! This year the event will be November 30 from 5:30-7:30pm.   

This event is brought to you by The Ambassador Project Int'l/Mastone Music Productions

Event Purpose:

This event is designed to bring that good old fashioned joy and thanksgiving that comes during the Holidays to Historic Greenwood Avenue! Shine on Greenwood is a "love letter" written to the Greenwood community designed to pay homage to those who built the "historic Greenwood district" and honor the sacrifices and legacies they left behind.  While we recognize the need to acknowledge those who went before us, we also recognize the need to help lift the burdens that were left behind from those who suffer from it's history. The holidays sometimes carry with it a difficulty in dealing with lack, or the loss of a loved one. Thus, we hope that The Shine on Greenwood Event will serve as a beacon of light and hope for the Tulsa and Greenwood community. Join us as we bring the shine and sparkle to your holiday this year! Also, it is our desire to be a conduit of gift giving as we plan to recognize an organization that helps families. (TBD) We will have gifts for children and gifts for our community. Come join us for this years. Shine on Greenwood Holiday Event will help to create memories you can add to your lives and carry throughout the days to come. See you there! 

Meet our Guests:

Meet our Host: Tony Mason

Recording Artist, songwriter, musician, author, actor, moderator and speaker. Tony Mason and Mastone Music Inc. are synonymous with success and longevity in the music business. Tony has many years of experience as a professional artist. Still active in his calling, Tony has many upcoming projects and soon to be released materials. Tony believes that you were born to lead, so step into your destiny! Live so that you can die empty!  See full bio below (About Us)

Meet our Special Guest:

  Mastone Music/Ambassador Project Int'l are proud to welcome ______TBA_________  to our event. 









Meet our musicians and singers:

 This year will feature the following:



Bass Guitar: 

Lead Guitar:                                    


Vocalists:                                         Soprano:             



Special Guest

Spoken Word: TBA



Meet our 2024 Team/Partners/Sponsors:

Meet our team:

Shine on Greenwood would not be possible without the diligence and input from a committed team of individuals who specialize in getting things done. This years team consists of:

Tony Mason: CEO Mastone Music/API

RaDonna Mason: Sr. Partner A.P.I.

Darien Lewis: VP A.P.I.

Autumn Worten: Event Coordinator/Business Consultant

Don Horner: The Pillar Group


Meet our Green Sponsors:

Meet our Gold Sponsors:

Meet our Red Sponsors:

Meet our "In-Kind" Sponsors:



This event will be held on Historic Greenwood Avenue. The address is 105 N. Greenwood Avenue Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120, United States

Ways to support:

If you are interested in making the Shine on Greenwood a successful community event, please consider a donation of any size to help sponsor this event. Your support will help us bring some much needed Christmas joy to those who may be struggling to support themselves or their children during this most joyous time of the year.  Your support can help to supply toys for children, gift cards for those struggling with meals, blankets to help warm the body or much needed items to help stay warm this year. Please consider what you can do to help those who may be struggling this season.   

To review levels of giving/support please click the DONATE button in the UPPER RIGHT hand of the page.

For donations of any amount, please click the DONATE button any place on this page to take you to the electronic donation page You may give by:

  • Checks payable to The Ambassador Project Int'l mailed to: Ambassador Project Int'l 4731 S. 177th East Place Tulsa, Ok 74134
  • Credit or Debit card (click donate button)
  • PayPal 

All donations specific to this event are tax-deductible!

Questions? Contact us

Reach out to us with any questions or comments. Our team will do our best to answer your questions concerning this event!

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Teresa Elliot
8 months ago

Teresa Elliot here:
Congratulations to Tony Mason and crew!!

Chris Rogers
8 months ago

Was such a great event! Kudos to all involved πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

Damali Wilson
8 months ago

This was so fun! It reminded me of the black version of a lifetime movie. Next year we need to see y’all out supporting this event. North Tulsa Strong πŸ’ͺ🏾✊🏾πŸ’ͺπŸΎβœŠπŸΎπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Sherrie Wallace
8 months ago

Where has this been all of this time? Never seen this before. It was amazing!

Charles Lamont
8 months ago

This was an amazing event! Cannot wait for the next one!

“The Shine on Greenwood Holiday Event will be a welcomed event! Can't wait to attend this" — Ashley D.

"Haven't seen anything like this on Greenwood; so this should be fun"  — Carl T.

"Mason normally does a great job with his shows and events! This should be good"  — Fred S.