Community Chat: 

Tony Mason speaks to the Downtown Tulsa Partnership "Days of Wonder Kickoff"  for Holidays. 

The spirit of Christmas and giving was here in this community Glenda Porter said of this event! Thanks for the gifts to my children. 

Family represented!

This felt life a "Lifetime Movie Event". Beautiful....Damali Wilson NYCU

I thought we would just come and check it out...Mind Blown! Tony Mason was amazing! 

"Where has this been for all of these years and how come no one has done this before"? This was amazing!"...Sherrie Wallace of Tulsa

What a gift to this community. So glad we came out. We will be back next year!

Glad we covered this. I can feel the excitement building.....Amy H. Fox 23 News

Looks like this is going to be fun! ....Jayden Brannon KOTV 6 Tulsa